Not only is she known for the awards she has received, but she is also a specialist in running nail salons for she has worked as a salon manager in several places.


Her speedy and highly praised technique is loved by many fans. 

She was taught by Miyuki Kaneko, an authority of Japan’s nail association. She now aims to train the younger generation, and is eager to teach everything she has learned during her career as a nailist.


She has been in charge of designing the nails for the Japanese representative in Miss Universe since 2010, and has received a prize along with the other members of the team, for national costume class on 2012.

She is also known for designing nails for famous athletes and foreign artists. She is now passing down her knowledge and skill to her students at the nail college, and has trained many professional nailists. Recently, she has started to teach her skills and knowledge as a nailist to other countries outside Japan. Her “world’s number 1 technique” is loved by many people around the world.

Awards Received


1999    Nail Festival “nail art Junior class” 3rd place

1999    Nail EXPO Japanese Nailist Championship “French Tip over lay Junior class” 2nd place

2000    Nail EXPO Japanese Nailist Championship “French Sculpture Professional class” 4th place

2002    Nail Festival “Professional class” 2nd place

    Nail Festival “French Sculpture Professional class” 3rd place

    Nail Festival “Nail care Professional class” 9th place

2003    Nail EXPO Japanese Nailist Championship, received a prize for “French Sculpture Professional class” 

2004    Nail EXPO Japanese Nailist Championship “Nail care Professional class” 9th place

    Nail EXPO Japanese Nailist Championship, received a prize for “French Sculpture Professional class”

2006    ASIAN hair & make-up Competition (Hongkong)

    “French Sculpture Professional Class” 2nd place

2006    Seoul International Nail Fair 2006 in Seoul SINAIL2006

    “Nail care, professional class” 1st place

    Received a prize in “French Sculpture, professional class”

    “Mix Media Art, professional class” 3rd place