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​To learn and obtain Japan’s solid technique,   MAIN MODE  Japan online training course for nailists.




A person’s lifestyle, and the sense of beauty can be seen from his or her fingertips.

Nailists are a supporter for all women who wishes to be beautiful.

Not only the delicate artwork, but the basic nail care is also a very important skill.

MAIN MODE Nail College can provide you with the best environment for learning techniques with high quality, to be given precise advice to your needs, and to brush up your sensibility.

The school director Yumiko Yamada is well known for taking charge of the nails of the Japanese representative of “Miss SAKE”, and “Miss Universe”. We would like to give full support to everyone who dreams to become a nailist, and hope for everyone to be happy with their career as a nailist in the future.

※2011 Miss Universe Japan official nailist/ 2012 Miss Universe Japan nail styling partner/ 2010~2012 Miss Universe nailist for the Japanese representative/ 2011~2014 Miss Universe Japan Beauty Camp Nail instructor/ 2014~ Miss Sake manager of nail and beauty/ 2014~ Miss Sake Nadeshiko Program instructor



Why you should learn at MAIN MODE! 

We do not only teach the basic techniques, but our lessons provide the knowhow to refine one’s sensibility. Nobody has perfect sense from the start, but everyone has the chance to refine their sense to shine.


We have many opportunities to go teach abroad. For example we taught at a cosmetology school in Nice (France), and performed our techniques at the Cannes Film Festival, which our skills were praised highly. We also taught over 30 students in Hong Kong, and many students came all the way from China and Taiwan to learn our lessons. We have many graduates who have started their own nail salon, or became an owner of a company or an instructor.

Japan’s nail techniques is now the best in the world. The school director Yumiko Yamada  is also a very skilled nailist who has won many nail contests in Japan, and also overseas.

Our curriculum teaches high leveled techniques which we have worked on for many years, and also the knowledge to improve your sense of beauty.

We have managed to prepare the best environment to train professionals who can expand their career not only in Japan, but also overseas.


Nail art has become very familiar nowadays, and many people enjoy nail art by themselves. We are very happy that nail art has become popular, but at the same time we are concerned about the lack of safety in these “self-nails”. Gel nails has become very popular these days and it has become easier for people to buy the materials to enjoy it, but the risk of doing it yourself is still not well known.

Gel nails are not that easy, and it is very important to have the basic knowledge before doing it on your own.

You will be able to learn all the knowhow you need from this online training course.

Even if you are living overseas, you will be able to learn the techniques and the goal which MAIN MODE Nail College and  Yumiko Yamada are aiming.

Message from the School Director  Yumiko Yamada!!

To everyone who loves nail art.

To have a successful career with something you truly love.

To feel happy and successful that you chose to become a nailist.

This is what we want you to feel when studying at MAIN MODE Nail College.

We think that achieving the fundamental skills perfectly, is the most important than anything else when being a nailist.

We hope for you to concentrate on our lessons, and learn everything you need to know, and make the best out of what you have learned. It is our biggest joy to see you fulfill your dream and enjoy your everyday life as a professional nailist.

Onlin school

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